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• How it was conceived





We purchased a spray tan booth for one of our tanning salons
and it was an instant hit.  My wife loved it, but she began
having difficulties breathing after every use.  Other customers
commented that they felt uncomfortable and anxious, which
forced them to spray tan less frequently or, in some
extreme cases, not at all.  I figured that there had to be a
way to still tan and filter out the mist without obstructing the
tan around the face.  My search led me to the hardware store
where I picked up a bunch of materials and made a rather crude
model of a mouth filter; after some time I developed a usable prototype. 
I tested my product first and then I had my wife try my
new filter; she told me that the taste was gone and that she had no
problems breathing after using it.  A year later with after numerous
tests and many improvements to the original, the
JABA Mist Reducer
is ready for the public.

Using a JABA Mist Reducer after every spray tan will substantially
reduce foreign particles inhaled in total.  With everything else that
we inhale on a daily basis, this could be one less thing
to worry about.



Jaba Mist Reducer