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Spray tanning has revolutionized the indoor tanning industry. 
You can now achieve a great looking tan without exposing
yourself to damaging ultraviolet rays.  If it were not for
the smell, taste, and feelings of anxiety as a result of inhaling
a foreign substance, spray tanning would be perfect. 

The JABA Mist Reducer allows the patrons of spray tanning
to obtain the perfect tan with none of the breathing related drawbacks. 
The JABA Mist Reducer is incredibly easy to use: with its easy to
grip mouth piece simply put the JABA Mist Reducer in your mouth
and breathe, and once you finish, you discard the filter cartridge.

Only the JABA Mist Reducer protects you from inhaling and ingesting
vapours without interferring with your tan.

Nose plugs and other filters still allow vapours to get through.

It will perfect the spray tanning experience!

Extremely inexpensive to use!





Jaba Mist Reducer